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Which Altronic Controller System is Right for You?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Your control panel and controller system brings your natural gas compressor and/or engine to life. But which system is the best fit for your application? We've got a side-by-side comparison of all the features and benefits. As you will see, Altronic continues to innovate and develop their steadfast and ultra-reliable controllers.

The DE-4000 breaks new ground adding accessibility innovation and quality-of-life additions. Specifically, the wireless WiFi Communication feature opens the door to remote monitoring and control. This features alone is worthy of its investment. There's increased peace of mind knowing that you can monitor you equipment's health from afar via the internet.

Click here for the full download and comparison.

Want to take the DE-4000 for a spin? Click here to enter the virtual demo where you can you configure your own settings and control philosophy.

Contact us for how we've helped other customers use the DE-4000 to elevate their rotating machinery.

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