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Convert Your Diesel to Bi-Fuel and Take Advantage of Natural Gas

Your Authorized Full-Line Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel Distributor







What is GTI Bi-Fuel?

Bi-Fuel is adding components to allow your engine to run on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

How Does it Work?

The bi-fuel system simply and safely fumigates natural gas fuels in to the intake of the diesel engine.

The diesel provides the ignition source for the gas and also maintains top end lubrication of the engine which avoids the need for any internal engine modifications.

Altronic GTI Bi-fuel Benefits

  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT: As quick as two months for engines running 24/7 and connected to pipeline gas.

  • LOWER DIESEL CONSUMPTION: Bi-fuel engine runs on up to 70% on natural gas fuel. 

  • EXTENDED RUN TIMES: On stored diesel fuel - important for emergency power situations.

  • LOWER EXHAUST EMISSIONS: Helping engine meet demanding regulatory requirements. 

  • SAME ENGINE OUTPUT: Does not decrease the power output of your engine.

  • NON-INTRUSIVE INSTALLATION: The Bi-fuel system is bolt-on solution and is non-intrusive to your engine.

  • EXTENDED MAINTENANCE INTERVALS: Due to running cleaner natural gas fuel being consumed in the combustion chamber.

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How To Maximize Your Engine

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