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The Altronic DE-1500 Universal Process Loop Controller is designed for use in the control of virtually any engine, compressor, or industrial process. Using both digital and analog inputs for parameters such as speed, temperature, and pressure, this completely user-configurable control can utilize one or both of its independent PID outputs to dynamically adjust a process (or processes) to maintain a specified setpoint. Among the many suitable applications for the DE-1500 is its use as a suction controller for compressors in gas production or processing service. Continuously monitoring the compressor suction pressure, the DE-1500 can be configured to throttle the gas pressure control valve either directly or via an interposing I/P converter (see diagram to right). In a similar fashion, critical temperatures could also be monitored and maintained through the use of an input thermocouple or temperature transducer and one of the DE1500 PID outputs controlling a compressor fin-fan or other cooling device. The DE-1500 can also send a speed setpoint to a suitable governor or control device (such as the GOV10) for RPM control of the compressor prime mover (engine or electric motor). For operators seeking independent control and safety shutdown protection, the DE-1500 can be easily combined with other Altronic products, including the DD-40NTS digital annunciator. To facilitate integration with supervisory monitoring and control systems, the DE1500 fully supports the ModBus RTU communications protocol. A fullfeatured PC-based monitoring and control software package is also included with each DE-1500 system. The DE-1500 system is certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D hazardous areas by the Canadian Standards Association.

Altronic DE1500 Controller

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