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Natural Gas Engines

Waukesha Natural Gas Engines:

The VGF series of high-speed engines are built with the durability expected from a medium-speed engine. This series of engines is designed for a wide range of stationary, spark-ignited, gaseous fuel applications and has a high power-to-weight ratio operating up to 1800 RPM.

Spec Sheets:

Waukesha L36GSID  800HP

Waukesha H24GSID  530HP

Waukesha F18GSID  400HP

Power Solutions International (PSI) Natural Gas Engines:

Power Solutions International designs, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells advanced, emission-certified engines and power systems to customers in the energy, industrial and transportation markets.

Spec Sheets:

PSI 3.0L 34HP

PSI_4.3L  53HP

PSI_5.7L  76HP

PSI 8.1L  97HP

PSI 8.1LT  142HP

PSI_8.8L  135HP

PSI 11.1L  195HP

PSI 14.6L  250HP

PSI 18.3L  314HP

PSI 21.9L  371HP

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