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Marshall Community Center Chooses Bi-Fuel Solution to Reduce Emissions

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The Marshall Community Center in Vancouver Washington partnered with Diesel 2 Gas and Peterson Power to create a low-emissions alternative to their diesel generator. By installing Altronic's GTI Bi-Fuel system to their 350 Kw Caterpillar generator - they are able to run longer and cleaner. Displacing up to 70% of diesel fuel with clean-burning natural gas reduces emissions and helps Marshall Community Center provide not only amazing services, but cleaner air for their community.

The Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel system allows commercial users to easily retrofit their diesel-fueled generators with a green strategy. Using natural gas - which burns more cleanly - reduces the generator's greenhouse gas emissions.

Altronic's Control Panel allows staff to simply and easily monitor and customize the engine's settings.

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