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Metropolitan Water District: Customized Generator Package

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We collaborated with our customer to meet their very specific design needs on this generator package. This 100 kW Volvo Tier 4 Final generator required a number of custom features. All fabrication, production and packaging was done in-house by Diesel 2 Gas.

This unique gen-set is able to run on three different voltage setting: 120/208 v, 120/240 v, and 277/480 v 3 phase. Customized motor-starting controls integrate seamlessly with the Deep Sea Controller. Cam locks, Appleton connectors, and a number of service connectors are built out on the highly accessible front access panel. The Super Silent enclosure ensures decibel levels of 75 or lower.

This generator is used by Metropolitan Water District to open and close a water reservoir gate.

How can we help you with your custom industrial power generating package?

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